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The Haulie-Szentipps 12. - 20. December 2017

Movie - Saturday, 16. December, Lick & Listen, silent ethical-movie films Women - Wednesday, 13. December, Fire Women Circle hedonists - Wednesday,


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Lecture: The 3 most beautiful things in the world

13. December at 19: 00 - 22:00

Why are some of them on Blümchensex, others on role playing games and again on porn?

Why do some people have fantasies that they do not like themselves?
Why do some people often feel so driven by greed?

Why does the desire for the first exciting time in a relationship sometimes fade?

And what can you do if you want to change that?

SKIN and BREATH December 2017

16. December at 10: 30 - 17. December at 18: 00

Skin revolves like a sensitive and protective suit around our bodies. Skin divides the inner world. Skin protects and makes us vulnerable at the same time. Skin is breathing, literally. Manipulation via skin needs a certain subtlty. Its not the big movements and impacts that we need. The more clear and intentional the ropework, the deeper the sound. In this workshop we'll explore the potential of intimacy, specific ...

New Year's Eve in the ZEGG: exhale and pause

27. December 2017 - 1. January 2018

The New Year 2017 in ZEGG Exhale, pause and then ... Our everyday life challenges us. Things are changing faster and faster. We try to reconcile our profession, the family, hobbies and friends and our lives are racing past us. We want to take our time during the New Year's Eve Festival in the "Center for Experimental Society Design" (ZEGG) in Bad Belzig near Berlin. Exhale. Spend a whole day in silence. Let us provide you with good organic food. Pause. Go for a walk in nature. The year revue ...

Love being Silvesterretreat 2017

28. December 2017 18 to: 30 - 3. January 2018 12 to: 00

28.12.2017 to 03.01.2018, Woltersdorf near Berlin Love Being Silvesterretreat 2017 for brave people of all differences with Alicia Dieminger, Rohland Frohland (Moksha) and Christopher Gottwald We invite you to review the old year with us and with a new vision into the year 2018 to dive together. Let's use the archaic forces of the Rauhnächte to research the topics that move you. In true liveliness we want to live community and get new impulses. We use our intuition ...

New Year's Eve Celebration with Michaele Kuhn

30. December 2017 - 1. January 2018

Sense and focus on the essentials - love and mindfulness From Saturday 11 to Monday 18 o'clock, seminar house Weinberg in Töplitz on the Old Vineyard 2, 14542 Werder (Havel) OT Töplitz Price 280 € Contact: post@michaelekuhn.de Michaele Kuhn I invite over New Year's Eve Invite you to this special retreat of love. On these two days we celebrate a touching feast of life and humanity. You are invited to open yourself deeply for the richness of your life and to let yourself in to a deep ...

Sensual New Year's Eve in the body temple with Birgit, Arno and Maja

30. December 2017 10 to: 00 - 1. January 2018 18 to: 00

Sensual New Year's Eve in the body temple Potsdam of the 30.12. 2017 to 01. 01. 2018 The body temple Potsdam stands next to massages and training also open to meeting, networking and sees itself as a meeting place for people from Potsdam, Berlin and the high Fläming. We would like to provide a space and open our doors for a new year at the end of the year. We invite women, men and couples who are looking for a deep, nourishing, conscious, spiritual New Year with us and for sensual ...

Healing Relationship Practitioner Training with James Swank (with video)

6. January 2018 0 to: 00 - 8. December 2019 23 to: 59

This is a rare opportunity to learn a very powerful and unique form of transformative therapy!

This two-year, extensive training is for people who want to make it their professional practice to provide process-oriented sessions for individuals, couples or small groups.

Breast massage seminar with Kamala Mara

7. January 2018 15 to: 30 - 19:00

Eine achtsam angeleitete Massage in geschütztem Rahmen. Die Brüste sind entscheidend für eine Frau, um in ihre volle Weiblichkeit zu kommen ... sie sind unser 'positiver' Pol, der durch viel Berührung zum Überfließen kommt ... und uns somit in unsere Lust bringt. Im normalen Liebesspiel wird der Yoni, der Vagina, viel mehr Bedeutung beigemessen. Dabei ist die Yoni "nur" ein Empfangsorgan. Sie öffnet sich erst in ihrer Zeit. Und zwar erst wenn die Brüste aktiviert wurden ist eine Frau bereit,…

Lingam massage seminar

12. January 2018 18 to: 00 - 21:30

Eine achtsam angeleitete Massage. Lingam ist das indische Wort für Penis. Als Liebesorgan des Mannes braucht der Lingam viel Liebe und Berührung. Meist ist er nur ‚benutzt‘ und nicht ‚geliebt‘ worden, sowohl vom Mann als auch von der Frau. Lingam I mit Hoden- und Eichelverwöhnung Lingam II und III folgen im März und Mai. Ein Seminar empfohlen für alle Frauen ob Single oder Paarfrau: Du lernst neue Berührungsmöglichkeiten für den Mann, die Dir in machen Situationen hilfreich sein können. So…

Feeling evening: Tenderness

16. January 2018 19 to: 00 - 21:30

Fühlabende A series, from the simple to the difficult, conscious from the inside to the outside. We begin with "tenderness," then "seduction," then "flirting." In the evenings, we initiate various encounters with yourself and others. It is about more awareness in dealing with others and also awareness of their own feelings and feelings; it's about more self-love, more self-responsibility, more fun to develop in life. So it's about getting more love in your life! The feeling evenings are: 16.1 ...

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