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Po Massage Seminar

17. November at 15: 30 - 19:30
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An event at 3: 30pm on 17. November 2018

PO I MASSAGE SEMINAR We learn wonderful secrets of the tantric massage on the back, the buttocks and the perineum and the anus flower - but do not invade the A-hole. PO II MASSAGE SEMINAR Now we also enter the anus and get to know the analmapping and explore what to explore. A journey for the brave or curious among you ... The anal area is taboo and shameful for many people. Who wants to rantasten must from ...

Lingam Yoni Meditation Massage Seminar

1. December at 15: 30 - 19:30
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An event at 3: 30pm on 1. December 2018

A high energy experience. Everyone gives and everyone receives these soothing, deep, intimate, "simple" touches. You come through the uniformity of touch as a giver in a very quiet state - and as a recipient perhaps in the highest ecstasy ... We massage in the couple: woman-man. The massage will both give and receive both. It is also possible to do woman-to-woman and man-to-man. Contact me if you are interested. Target Group: singles and couples. There will be gender equality. Information and registration: here ...

"Every woman can squirt!"

8. December at 14: 00 - 21:00
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An event at 2: 00pm on 8. December 2018

The title is provocative - I know. In the lecture you will learn everything about it and in the workshop you can experience it yourself. For singles and couples, also like "women couples"! Female ejaculation - squirting - pleasure flow - cumshot ... whatever the bursting release of the secretion is called in high sexual pleasure, is secondary - pimary is the mega intense deep-releasing feeling that is associated with it. Procedure: PART 1 of 14 ~ 17: 30 clock can be visited individually: lecture ...

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