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Welcome to Capital of Love!

We are pleased that you would like to post your events with us. For this to happen, we need first one or two entries from you:

The system distinguishes between "organizer" and "venue". Organizers do not have their own address and venues themselves do not have to be organizers, but can simply be premises rented by organizers.

  • Please check first if there is not already an organizer or venue entry about you or your premises. The Haulie editorial board has already entered many of the important institutions in Berlin independently. Click here: Organizer entriesVenue entries, If this is the case, you do not need to do anything here. Write a short mail werbekunden@hauptstadt-der-liebe.dethat we unlock your profile.
  • If you yourself Offer events, create an organizer entry. It does not matter if this happens in your own or rented premises. Are organizer entries without physical address.
    Please fill in the form completely upload a photo of you or your logo under "post". Attention, after closing the window you can no longer edit the entry yourself.

  • If you Premises for events, create an entry for a venue. It does not matter if you even offer events in these rooms, or only other organizers. venues have have a physical address.
    Please fill out the form completely upload a photo of your premises or its logo under "Contribution picture specify" high. Attention, after closing the window, you can no longer edit the post yourself.

  • If you offer your own events in your own rooms, then create both entries separately.

When you're done, please CLOSE the browser tabs where you created your entries so we can see you're done. Otherwise we can not unlock you. Checking and unlocking usually takes place on weekdays and can take up to 24 hours.

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