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The Unique Sexual Tao Experience

15. Februar 2018 - 18. Februar 2018

A Sensual 1 Year-Training for Body and Soul Cultivation

4 x 4 days to integrate Taoist sexual secrets into a practice of mindful sexuality – Led by Senior Tao Instructor Udo Treide (upper Foto) and framed by Sexological Bodyworkers Mareen Scholl (middle Foto) and Christian Gouttenoire (Foto below).

Learn to embody Healing Love, Sexual Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Meditation and other Tao practices in a sensual frame of Sexological Bodywork and Mindful Sexuality for body, mind and soul.

For open minded and curious people of all ages, genders and sexual orientations, for single people and couples.

udoThrough this one year training , step by step we will build trust and confidence among the group, to create a safe and intimate space. Prior experience is warmly welcome but not required. You should feel though a basic comfortness with your and others naked body for practicing and exploring intimate bodywork, healing love connection and Sexual Kung Fu. For sure each of us is invited to learn, practice and grow at his*her own rhythm and speed within his*her own will to expand as well as setting the very own limits.

Module 1: 15th – 18th of February 2018
Module 2: 28th of April -1st of May 2018
Module 3: 9th – 12th of August 2018
Module 4: 25th – 28th of October 2018

Diamond Lotus Tantra Institut, Berlin

Infoevening at Diamond Lotus Tantra Institut, Berlin: 26th of December 2017, 19.00 – 22.00 o`clock

After our first UNIQUE SEXUAL TAO EXPERIENCE 2016/17 we are inspired and motivated to take this further into the training 2018. We now know by experience even better how the Tao teachings of Mantak Chia play together with other methods of Conscious Sexuality and Sexological Bodywork.mareen

Specific practices you are going to learn are for example:

christianInner Smile, heart opening, Healing Sounds, Qi Gong, Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Microcosmic Orbit, Meditation, Ovarian­ and Testicle breathing and massage, Deer Exercise, genital self­massage, fusion of love and sex, orgasm without ejaculation, Jade egg exercises, Power Lock, Orgasmic Upward Draw, universal love, genital weight lifting, bone breathing, “Tantric vagina”, Multiorgasmic man, Chi Nei Tsang organ massage, dual cultivation, sexual magic, Yin­Yang harmony, exchange Jing, Qi & Shen, transformation of Jing into Qi and Qi into Shen, “holy” sex, Karsai Nei Tsang (Taoist genital massage), healing positions, sex medicine, connecting with universal love, Golden Pearl, Wu Wei (“non doing”), Genital Meditation, The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin and other methods of clear communication and consent, Orgasmic Yoga, anal and vaginal Mapping, anal massage, weekly routine.

2400 € + 4x 160 € (2x meals and snacking per day, 3x accommodation in the groupdorm + 3x breakfast)

Sleeping at the groupdorm is mandatory for participating at the workshop.

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15. Februar 2018
18. Februar 2018
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