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Temple of Divine Serpent

Welcome to the Temple of Divine Serpentॐ.¸¸.✶*¨`*✶
Let me invite you to the Sacred Space, I intend to create as I travel. I wish to Share the Ancient Tantric Kriya Yoga knowledge, practices, healing, playing in a Heart Space, gathering in Love, as a purpose of this Project. I am open to co-create workshops and classes together with talented healers, bodyworkers, dancers or any kind of artist open for bringing new fusions. Please feel free to connect me or just simply Come to my class! Open up to experience union and oneness through energy, our True Nature ♥

This project was born out of pure Love, Passion and Desire to share, connect, learn, heal, play and teach so we can all help each other evolve in our consciousness as higher beings on this beautiful way to the Light!

Spiritual retreats, Tantra Kriya & Hatha yoga classes, workshops, Acroyoga, Contact improvisation dance jaming sessions, Reiki & Deeksha healing, Hand acupuncture treatments, meridian stretch and ayurvedic massages, Energy rejuvenating system exercises and much more to come ♥

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